Who we are

Austin tan Cerca de la Frontera Mission Statement
(based on our corporate bylaws)

ATCF seeks to address conditions of social and economic injustice along the Texas/Mexico border particularly as they affect women and communities of color, and to find community-driven alternatives through transnational solidarity and fair trade. We believe that our environment, our communities and human dignity are sacred and must be respected in the movement for social justice.

ATCF Delegation Participants

Three CFO promotoras.

Austin tan Cerca Board Members (2010-2011)


Judith Rosenberg, Ph.D.: Writer and educator. Founding member of ATCF. Also involved with Women on the Border, the Texas Fair Trade Coalition, and Fuerza Unida. Extensively involved in delegation recruitment and organizing, community outreach and presentations, and acts as a liaison with other Austin community groups. The average work hours per week will be between five and ten hours. For official duties see ATCF Bylaws Article VI Section 4.


Howard Hawhee: past Board member of Immigrantes Latinos en Acción, past Member of the Central Region Executive Committee of the American Friends Service Committee while Clerk of AFSC Austin Area Program Committee, currently Associate Clerk of the Friends Meeting of Austin. The average hours worked will be between two and eight hours per week. For official duties see ATCF Bylaws Article VI Section 5.


Thomas West: Founding member of Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera. Founding member of Austin GI Rights Hotline. Ex- Executive Director (4 years) and Board Member (6 years) of Community Action in Self Help, Inc., an affordable housing developer in Wayne County, NY. Founding member and ex-Director (2 years) of New York State Farm Alliance. Retired business owner. The average hours worked will be between two and eight hours per week. For official duties see ATCF Bylaws Article VI Sections 6-7.

Other Board Members:
ATCF Delegation Participants

CFO members and promotores.

Monica Bosquez: Returned Peace Corps volunteer, public employee, and graduate student at University of Texas. Translator and presenter. Volunteer for five years.

Josefina Castillo, Ph.D. (ex officio): Executive Director. Board member of Colectivo Flatlander and Women on the Border.

Cynthia Waide: Wheatsville Community Food Coop Board member 1987, President Austin Fair Trade Coalition (present). Twelve years experience in advertising and publishing.

Leslie Cunningham: Leslie is retired from a twenty-year career with the Texas Workforce Commission. Currently, she is a co-facilitator with the retiree committee of the Texas State Employees Union. She has been a volunteer with Austin Tan Cerca de La Frontera since 2008.

Austin tan Cerca Fiscal Year 2010 Budget

FY10 initial Austin Area Program ATCF Totals
INCOME 30040 30041
  Beginning Balance 6999
  Restricted - Individuals 7050
  Restricted - Foundations 7051
  Participants' Fees 7202
  Program Service Income 7203
Restricted Income Subtotal
AFSC Funds Transfer  8110      
CRO Reserves   81,299 1,000 82,299
    TOTAL INCOME 81,299 1,000 82,299
Total Funds Available 81,299 1,000 82,299
  Salaries 9101 48,429 48,429
  Taxes & Benefits 9201 16,950 16,950
  Fellows/Students/Interns 9415
  Occupancy 9501 6,000 6,000
  Risk Management Insurance 9511 800 800
  Program Supplies 9541 1,500 1,000 2,500
  Telephone  9551 2,000 2,000
  Internet Line Costs 9556 870 870
  Postage & Domestic Shipping 9561 800 800
  Equipment 9581 1,000 1,000
  Employee Travel & Meetings 9591 2,000 2,000
  Committee Meetings 9601 500 500
  Printing/Publishing 9611 450 450
    TOTAL EXPENSES 81,299 1,000 82,299