Musical compositions by David

David has always tried to keep his mind active while in prison. He once composed a piece of music using a stochastic system, a palindrome based on a Mozart composition. He had no formal musical training.

"I sit down with my little hand calculator & a pencil & paper & a dime - risking 7 days in the hole just for having a dime - I'm flipping this dime recording the outcomes, right...heads or tails. I don't know, 500, a 1000 times or something to get a random input which I'm going to feed into this function. It's going to spit out a rhythmic variation of this Mozart piece. So I flip & I flip & I flip & I write & then I start the number crunching & I compute & compute. By the time I finish I've sworn I'll never do this again. I realized why, for years, I've put this off. This is not work fit for human beings. It's too monotonous. At length, I have a piece of music. And the piece of music I used & the scheme I used to compose it... You can flip it upside down & play it. It would be the same piece. It had that type of symmetry." -David Lee Powell, from "Final Exposure", by Lou Jones & Lorie Savel