Our continuing work on the border

ATCF Delegation Participants

Three CFO promotoras.

Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera (ATCF) organizes quarterly delegations to visit maquiladora workers and communities along the Mexico-U.S. border. The Comit Fronterizo de Obrer@s (CFO: Border Committee of Workers) hosts each groups visit, enabling U.S. delegates to meet with workers who are defending human rights, justice and dignity in a harsh labor environment.

Led by CFO organizers, delegates tour maquiladora industrial parks passing numerous export processing plants of well-known U.S.-based multinational companies. They then meet with workers in their homes to learn about working conditions, current labor struggles, and the CFOs organizing strategies. Delegates also visit colonias, or neighborhoods, for informal social gatherings with workers, their families, and friends.

Following the trips, delegates meet to reflect on the implications of what they have learned. Many delegates continue their involvement by sharing their experience with others, organizing forums and study groups, and responding to action alerts.

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ATCF Delegation Participants

CFO members and promotores.

More information on our border work

  • This article exploring the connection between unionism in Mexico and the U.S. was written by Leslie Cunningham, a member of the Board of Directors of Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera. ATCF delegates to the border have used this article as background reading.
    Copyright: AFSC
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